Ginny Kuhel

HR Advisor

Marin SBDC

About Me:

Ginny Kuhel, the owner of Kuhelbreez HR Consulting, has over 25+ years of experience in human resources, most of which was in corporations as a Human Resources Director.

Her private practice is dedicated to assisting small businesses, usually one to 40 employees in a variety of industries such as construction, landscape, restaurants, painters, roofers, and retail, as well as, hair salons, dog walking, public relations, Vet Hospitals, etc. She assists her clients in staying compliant and avoiding costly labor lawsuits while also making HR fun and easy.

She has a passion for people and spends time getting to know her clients and their needs to help create efficient systems and protocols. Ginny enjoys supporting small businesses because educating business owners will assist them in understanding the California requirements and keep them out of the courts.

Expertise: HR Managing Employees