Angelica Galland

Website / Basic Social Media Advisor

Marin SBDC

About Me:

Angelica Galland’s joy is supporting people’s passion projects. She is a Digital Marketing Consultant who works with entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses to create an effective digital presence that attracts their ideal customers and authentically represents the essence of who they are.

Angelica began her work in Web Design and Graphic Design in 1998. In 2013, she naturally segued into Social Media Strategy as well as other forms of digital marketing. With an in-depth knowledge of the Facebook advertising platform, Angelica’s expertise is also in integrating and mapping out effective campaigns and strategies that include web design, social media marketing, newsletters, blogs and video content.

Angelica Galland is a keen analyst, but also lets her heart lead because marketing is all about people, not just numbers.

Expertise: Social Media Website